Honda Talon 1000 R/X Fuel Tuner

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DynoJet Power Commander V

Tune your machine for any riding condition with the Power Commander V.  This powerful fuel tuner is available in a smaller size than ever before and can be connected to a computer through USB to make adjustments or enable certain features.  It can hold two maps at a time for multiple drive options and is easy to install to get you back riding faster. With a -100/+250% adjustment range, the fuel tuner has more options and features to get your ride to optimal efficiency or to maximize your power and torque.  Make sure your vehicle is running at its maximum potential without the guesswork.


  • Pre-programmed with an HMF custom map
  • Full range fuel tuning
  • Ignition tuning on specific models
  • Piggyback operation (simply remove the tuner to go back to stock)
  • Expandable: additional modules can be added for more function

Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer

The HMF Optimizer is a Fuel-Injection Controller that has been pre-programmed with the proper tuning specifications for your HMF exhaust. You must retune your machine when you're adding an exhaust system, so not tuning your machine will void the warranty of your exhaust.

  • Pre-Programmed with the best settings for your HMF exhaust
  • Push Button Interface Unique load based technology
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • No CPU or Dyno Needed
  • Full Range Tuning

DynoJet Power Vision

Get the feel of a whole new machine with the DynoJet® Power Vision.  This performance tuner and data logging device offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring, and other industry exclusive features.  The DynoJet® Power Vision is loaded with a file that's custom made for your HMF™ exhaust system with your machine.  Simply install this on your machine to flash your ECU with settings that are designed for optimum performance.

The Power Vision product Suite includes a handheld flash device, vehicle interface cable, and Power Core (Windows PC Software).

  • Loaded with custom HMF™ flash tune.
  • Plug-and-Play from HMF™
  • Allows you flash back to stock at anytime.
  • Diagnostic Tool
  • Fueling revised for maximum performance with HMF exhaust.
  • Spark timing optimized for 91-93 octane fuel.
  • Rev limit raised in high and low gears.
  • Speed limit raised in high and low gears.
  • Torque limiting functions reduced or eliminated.
  • Lower fan turn-on temps.
  • Left foot brake mode enabled.
  • Retains ADC and Turf mode where applicable.
  • Get the feeling of a whole new machine.
  • More linear throttle control.

For Honda Talon 1000R/X 19-20 Models